Decorative wood panel

Natural, durable, insulating… Wood is a material with countless assets and properties. Far from being reserved for floors or frames, it can be highlighted in the form of wall covering.

Offer warmth and authenticity to your interior with our decorative wooden panels. Create beautiful character walls with our different wood species.

Reveal your walls with a wooden wall covering

Wooden wall cladding is one of the most used raw materials in interior decoration, thanks to its ease of use and the many variations offered. We will be able to advise you on the different types of wood so that it best corresponds to your desires for development.

Making the choice of decorative wooden partitions goes much further than the purely aesthetic appearance, each wooden panel has different shades, grains and a different touch.

The decorative wood panel for interior wall: a 100% natural decoration

Wood has the advantage of being a raw material that is both traditional and modern. In particular, it is the most widely used construction material due to its durability, durability and stability. It is thanks to its many assets that it offers a warm, natural and cocooning atmosphere that appeals to everyone. The wood panel offers various possibilities of wall decoration. A real wooden wall will bring you multiple benefits. In addition to a chic and natural design, the wooden wall covering is an excellent temperature controller. It will keep the heat outside in summer, and keep it inside during the coldest periods. Wood also acts on your health since it filters pollutants from the air, making the atmosphere of the room healthier.

In addition, wood is easy to install and clean. It can also be used as insulation to reduce noise. Associated with wooden ceiling boards, you will have a room very well insulated from an acoustic point of view.

Each of our wooden partitions are made of real FSC certified natural wood. They are therefore environmentally friendly. For your interior decoration, do not hesitate and opt for wood !

You can also opt for an openwork wooden partition. It is a very good technique for harmoniously delimiting spaces while maintaining maximum natural light. Fully customizable as desired, it fits perfectly with all styles, from the most classic to the most design.

Which wood species to choose for a wall cladding?

Wood species are classified according to their use and destination. These classes are governed by EN 350-2 and NF EN 335-14. All species used by Ardemo come from sustainably managed forests. All our products are manufactured in the West of France to guarantee you a very high quality.

The classes of sustainability

The durability classes of wood species correspond to the resistance of wood to biological risks.

The classes of impregnability

Impregnatability classes determine the ease of impregnation of your wood. Gasoline is classified on a scale from 1 to 4. As a result, Class 1 wood will be very impregnable and can be penetrated completely with a preservation treatment. On the contrary, a class 4 wood will not be impregnatable and therefore will not be able to receive a product for its preservation.


Job classes are determined by the risks of exposure to moisture. Each class corresponds to a level of resistance, either by treatment or by natural durability.

  • For your interior wooden partitions: choose wood species in class of use 1. Indeed, outside of wet rooms, there is no restriction, because all species will have excellent durability if they are not exposed to moisture. You can therefore choose a wood such as ash, fir, walnut or beech.
  • For a pond: and yes, the marriage of wood and water is possible! It is even very conducive to create a natural, pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Favor class 2 species.
  • For a wet room: we advise you to give preference to solid oak which is an excellent water resistant. You can also opt for tropical woods such as bamboo or teak.

Whatever your desires and your needs in wood wall cladding or wood slab ceiling, Ardemo accompanies you in their design. We dedicate our expertise to the realization of your project!